Texans for Freedom

Group Description

WE ARE much more than just A 9-12 GROUP FOR ALL TEXANS. If any unconstitutional act of government is illegitimate then the people have a duty to withdraw their consent to that act, as provided by the maxim of law providing that the lesser power is INCLUDED in the greater. This group will use DIRECT ACTIVISM and THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO PEACEFULLY ASSEMBLE to PETITION the State of Texas to REJECT AND RESCIND all UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS and ACTS passed in the Texas and United States Legislatures. This Right of We the People is well described in the FIRST AMENDMENT which states in part, "...the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

A constitution is analogous to a limited power of attorney. For the purpose of the relationship, the people are sovereign; and the government their agent. The constitution both grants power and LIMITS power granted.

As members of the sovereignty, to remain consistent with the principles of the declaration of independence, the American people have a duty not to dignify a statute passed that is repugnant to the constitution. In truth, if the agent (government) has transgressed the principal's (We the People) delegation of power, the principal has a duty to call the agent on it to avoid giving the appearance of consent. The American people have a duty not to consent to an unconstitutional act masquerading as law.

We seek to gather all Texans to stand together against DESPOTIC ACTS AND LAWS BY THE GOVERNMENT IN A PEACEFUL MANNER.

This is NOT a "secessionist" group per se, besides Texas already seceded from Mexico in 1836 just as America seceded from England in 1776. However, we reserve the right to pursue any and all peaceful, non-violent measures, including political action, nullification, negotiating a new arrangement, or even (as a last resort) full independence for Texas if that's what it takes to restore our freedom. Even if it comes to that, we would be happy to restore the REAL Texas and the REAL America and maintain that relationship.

We acknowledge that America and Texas were founded upon the principles described at the Common Law Institute at http://common-law.net/nap.html and we intend to peacefully restore legitimate governments that adhere to those principles instead of violating them.